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Great to see you guys with a Syscp fork! I wish you all the best with the new project :-)


This is cool because i just wanted to change to ispcp but know i can keep my running system.


I hope its OK to ask some questions about the next steps of Froxlor...



1.) Will you keep the Syscp style of customer dirs?


I started to add a new customer dir directory structure to syscp:




You have some advantages of it:

- customer can access his webserver logs

- customer dirs are easier to backup

- customer dirs are easier to delete

- backup dir not accessable from webserver


What do you think about that?



2.) Some time ago i added FTP Quota to Syscp:


Proftpd: http://bugs.syscp.org/view.php?id=1017

Pureftpd: http://bugs.syscp.org/view.php?id=1016


Is use it for over a year now without any problems.


Any chance to see this in Froxlor 0.9.1 or 1.0?


If you like the idea i would port the current syscp patch to froxlor.



3.) Webalizer dir not deleteable:


I reached this by adding a global stats dir (/var/www/syscp/stats).


This dir contains the htaccess protected user dirs with webalizer stats.


Patch: http://bugs.syscp.org/view.php?id=1042


How about that?



4.) I also saw a TODO List in tagged 0.9:




Does this mean you will fix all the mentioned bugs for froxlor?

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We're working on 0.9.x for the moment. This is only supposed to take care of bugs. So we won't add new features.


The TODO list is more like a list of bugs, which has been reported. We didn't remove it, as we wanted to give the users the possibility to see, what changed as we didn't have these bugs in our own bugtracker. Some of the bugs are feature request, some are real bugs. The real bugs have ben fixed. We will discuss the feature requests when development for 1.0 has started and 0.9 doesn't need a lot of support/development anymore


For 1.0 we don't have a Roadmap yet as we still focus on 0.9. But there will be several changes for 1.0 also inside of Froxlor. But for the moment we're still discussing about features and how to realize them. As we want to develop 1.0 with no pressure, we don't have a release date yet. We want to check everything twice before releasing it and we also want to make sure, an update will make life easier as before ;-)




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