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NginX as Reverse Proxy


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Hello Froxlor Forum 


I have written an external solution for nginx reverse proxy with Froxlor recently. 


The whole thing is only a cron which creates virtual hosts for Nginx, and an installer that prepares everything. 


Supported features: 


- Normal vHosts 

- SSL 

- redirects 

- Multible IP's (should be no problem, but I'm not 100% percent sure) 


I haven't tested Apache 2.4 yet.


Please note that this script sat on a pre-made Froxlor installation, which has some peculiarities. 

The ports or lists entries must be configured with /etc/apache2/ports.conf, not with the lists entries in IP's and ports. 


I would appreciate suggestions for improvement.


UPDATE: The Script is now hosted at github: https://github.com/xWuZaa/froxlor_nrp


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