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Information about the upcoming release 0.9.29 / 0.9.30


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Dear Froxlor-Community,


just a short note about the upcoming version. You might have noticed that there were a lot of bigger changes since the release of 0.9.29 and that we were initially planning on releasing version not too far from 0.9.29 because of the multi-stack-ip feature.


The multi-stack feature is implemented in the current git-version and heavily tested (mostly with success so far, but still, testers are very welcome). Also Froxlor will introduce a new clean and simple theme, the installation process has been rewritten completely, a lot of enhancements regarding ssl and fpm have been merged, etc.


Because of these extensive improvements and additions we decided to drop and make it 0.9.30 right away. Of course, 0.9.30 will become 0.9.31 then.


Join our IRC channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.net if you want to participate.
Thank you,


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