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S.O.S. i got my system to lockdown.



Hello dev's


Yesterday i installed the latest froxlor from svn. Now i get no access to my web server at all.

I get only the froxlor message:"This domain was created using Froxlor. There is no content on this domain yet."


Can some on please help me out. I think i have done something wrong, but cant find where i did it go wrong.


When you can help ... i will donate some coding time to help you ;)




Niels v/d Spek



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Ehm well, this is the default index.html placed into the folder for (sub-)domains, so you *do* have access to your webserver

true, but i have setup more domain's with a working (running) webspace. But those will not work anymore to.

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If you already see a Froxlor-Page it seems like you should take a look at the vhost-Settings...


Then you might get fast again back to Froxlor.


Maybe a setup you have to create a vhost for froxlor first?

Thanks for your replay.


After a good chat with the foks on the IRC chat all is now working as i wanted.

Now i'm trying to extend it to more and more.


It is really a very nice program.

Good work def's

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