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Pre-release information on 0.9.29


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Dear Community,


due to the stable release of Debian 7 "Wheezy" we decided to defer implementing the "dualstack / multi-ip" feature in favor of support for Debian Wheezy as many users already upgraded their installation.


So to cut it short:


upcoming 0.9.29:

  • support for Debian Weezy 
  • fix problem with paths that contain spaces
  • a few fixes for nginx users
  • possiblity to hide standard-subdomains in php-config overview
  • correction of domain-validating (if an IP is given)


  • support for multiple IP's per domain (ipv4 and ipv6)
  • more tiny fixes if needed
  • small features that are targeted to of course


Thanks for you patience and feel free to test multi-ip-support even now using the tilman19-master branch in our git-repository. Join us on IRC, get in touch with us and participate ;-) It's what froxlor lives off (mostly) :P



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