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update syscp to froxlor

Armindo Silva

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I have an old syscp installation on ubuntu 10.04 LTS that i want to upgrade to froxlor. Syscp was installed using a deb from their repo. Is it possible to upgrade to froxlor just switching repos and installing froxlor? Do i have to do some manual tunning or the best is to uninstall syscp deb and configure froxlor by hand following the upgrade docs?





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I tried to get the update documentation - but even after succesfully logged in, still this:

Sorry, you don't have enough rights to continue. Perhaps you forgot to login?


So I'm still looking for that update information -



The old wiki is closed and now located within redmine as the bugtracker, sources, .... You can find update/upgrade Post here. But I don't know if it's 1:1 the stuff from the old wiki. But it should do the job

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