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  1. What about the new Squeeze Support ? i have configured my Debian Lenny System with the Debian Lenny configs...now you offer config files for Debian Squeeze. What are the changes betweeen the Debian 5 config file, because i have upgraded Debian 5 to Debian 6 one month ago..and im not sure what i have to renconfigure ? Auf deutsch: Habe vor nem Monat von Debian Lenny auf Squeeze geupdatet. Bin mir nicht sicher was ich nun in dieser Version mit den Debian 6 Config files anfangen muss. Denn mein Froxlor wurde damals zu Debian 5 Zeiten mit eurer entsprechenden Debian 5 config eingerichtet.
  2. Thanks, this works fine for me now
  3. Thanks for release, but i have a problem with an update. What i have done ? I just overwrite all my Froxlor Date with the new archive file, then i run the upgrade procedure in the browser. (This worked every time bevore well) but now the result is following edit: Pictures removed Update 0.19.x --> 0.20.x
  4. auf deutsch denn sonst geht es unter...nur weil erst SVN- -> GIT und kurz danach Mantis --> Redmine gewechselt wurde:)
  5. Is there any reason why switching SVN to GIT and Mantis to Redmine...in this "short time period between the changes...." ?
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