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  1. Hello Froxies, we are proud to announce our new Froxlor release 0.9.23! After releasing 0.9.23-rc1 as release candidate, this version is now stable. There are no changes in this release, but please remind that we are refactoring a lot in two development branches. Froxlor development and refactoring is still continuing! Moreover we want to thank the whole Froxlor community for supporting us and testing our release candidates to strength our releases stability and quality! We would like to thank you for sending patches, using our bugtracker and being active in our forums. Especially
  2. Hello Froxies, Due to some nasty bugs in the last release, we decided to release as an emergency-release. All new bugs occuring after the last update have been fixed. Namely, we fixed the backup system and the customer administration. Nevertheless, we were able to get the Debian Squeeze configuration ready in this version. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope that you enjoy this release! Complete changelog for Bug #730: Debian 6.0 Bug #738: 0.9.20 (fresh install): could not create customer Bug #740: Git (/lib/configfiles/squeeze.inc.php): change "lenny
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