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Hi Folks!


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Hi Folks


I've get started with Server-Management 1 Year ago. So i have to change the Serversystem and I was looking for a new Control Panel. Before this, I've worked with ispCP. Now, I've seen the Project "SysCP" and in a Blog, I've red, that SysCP is Dead. Now, I found your Control Panel and I've saw a lot of good things :)


The Server is now ready and I will try to install Frixlor today evening.


I'd like to help you with the development for Frixlor, because I work in the IT and I've learned Programmers-Language like PHP, HTML (I know, it's not a language ;-)) and Java. I speak the Languages German and English ;-)


What do you mean about this?


Thank you and regards



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Hello Marco,


we're glad you like Froxlor and we hope everything went fine with the installation.


Any help sure is appreciated; if you like to, visit us on our IRC-Channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org.





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