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Support information and how to get started

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Do you need support using Froxlor?

The Froxlor team provides different information channels and sources to install, maintain und use Froxlor. New users to Froxlor can use this summary to get an basic overview to get started in the Froxlor world.

  • Do you need documentation or information in the usage of Froxlor or its installation?

    Visit our Wiki

  • Do you found a bug in Froxlor, the website or any other service provided by us?

    Visit the Bugtracker

  • Do you want to get in direct contact to the developers or other users of Froxlor?

    Join our IRC Channel (FreeNode IRC Network - #froxlor Channel)

  • Do you want to try a demo of Froxlor to check out its great features?

    Visit the Demo

  • Do you want to stay up-to-date?

    Follow us on twitter, facebook or Google+

  • Do you want to donate some bucks to the project and its developers?

    Visit our Sponsors Page

  • Do you want to join the team or do you have some things to bring into the project?

    Join our IRC Channel (FreeNode IRC Network - #froxlor Channel)

  • Do you think we forgot something here? Are there some mistakes or is something outdated?


    We would appreciate any information about outdated links and information or forgotten things. Just respond to this thread. Thanks!


    Yours sincerely,


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