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Hello Froxies,


today we're releasing Froxlor - due to a false path-value, the newly integrated HTMLPurifier could not be found and so the support-ticket system became useless. This release fixes this issue. It is recommended to update to this version if you depend on the support-ticket system.



Also these little changes found their way in

 * Allow selection of php-configuration for Froxlor vhost [FCGID-Mode] (bug #414)
 * Added missing $smtpd_sender_login_maps in postfix-main.cf [FreeBSD] (bug #420)
 * Fixed Autoresponder if Reply-To header is present (bug #423)


Download Froxlor

Visit www.froxlor.org or join our irc-channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.org


Debian packages are in process of being built and will be available later today as usual.


Thank you,

your Froxlor Team

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