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postfix spam zen.spamhaus.org



Hi NQ,


just wondering, did anyone add :


reject_rbl_client zen.spamhaus.org in the smtpd_recipient_restrictions ? If yes, what longterm experiences ?


My logfiles looks like this after I put this in, just wondering is it working too good and ham is rejected ?


108.879M Bytes accepted 114,168,155

26.325M Bytes sent via SMTP 27,603,524

122.256M Bytes delivered 128,194,663

1.652K Bytes forwarded 1,692

======== ================================================


2606 Accepted 8.60%

27689 Rejected 91.40%

-------- ------------------------------------------------

30295 Total 100.00%

======== ================================================


126 5xx Reject relay denied 0.46%

5845 5xx Reject unknown user 21.11%

21718 5xx Reject RBL 78.44%

-------- ------------------------------------------------

27689 Total 5xx Rejects 100.00%

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Since I use spamhouse I have nearly no more spam and I never heard about rejected ham.

Rejecting messages is in my opinion better than move them into a spam folder. I you reject ham the sender will be informed by his mail server and can contact you on a different way. If ham gets moved into the spam folder and you get a lot of spam, you will not find it. Even if you check your spam folder regularly, the chance that you find this message is very low. I think most users delete the spam folder without checking anything.

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