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  1. I'm pretty sure there might be the possibility to get the status of a non-profit organisation. I.e "Wikimedia Deutschland" is a german e.V with the status of a non-profit organisation. For example: The "satzung" could aim of the organisation is to support the development of a high quality, free, open source control panel that is freely available for everyone. More detail in german: Ich denke schon, dass ein solcher Verein den Status der gemeinn?tzigkeit bekommen k?nnte. Das Vereinsziel muss nur "der Allgemeinheit" n?tzen. Wenn die Satzung zum Beispiel vorsieht, dass der Verein die
  2. Hey guys, you ARE based in germany aren't you? I'll still write in english to keep the others updated: I guess you should really consider founding an registered association (eingetragener Verein, e.V.) This would of course need some preparation work, as you would have to elect a commitee and write a by-law of you association. But in the long run you would have a lot of benefits: - You could issue contribution receipts - Your work on the project could be considered a contribution too and therefore might be tax deductable. - You would have a basic legal status. - Consider the t
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