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FTP Quit



I was using illegal characters in the password which caused problems getting email working. I changed the MySQL passwords to one that used only letters and numbers for the root and froxlor users using phpMyAdmin. I then updated the passwords in all the configuration files. When this was done FTP no longer worked. I made sure all the passwords were changed by using grep to find all the old passwords in a recursive search in the entire /etc directory and also the php code where froxlor resides in /var/www/froxlor.


Is there a way to get pure-ftpd-mysql to output what it read from the file:




I want to know because my FTP client cannot make a connection so I would like to verify it read this file correctly. The message I get from the FTP client is that the login or password is incorrect.


My OS is Debian Lenny.


This is the entry from the FTP attempt in /var/log/syslog:


May 23 11:20:14 debian pure-ftpd: (?@...) [iNFO] New connection from dsl092-045-132.lax1.dsl.speakeasy.net
May 23 11:20:14 debian pure-ftpd: (?@...) [ERROR] The SQL server seems to be down [Access denied for user 'froxlor'@'localhost' (using password: YES)]
May 23 11:20:14 debian pure-ftpd: (?@...) [WARNING] Authentication failed for user [Webmaster]
May 23 11:20:17 debian pure-ftpd: (?@...) [iNFO] Logout.

But I was able to log in to mysql from the command line with the command:

mysql -u froxlor -p froxlor

using the password for the froxlor user in the file /etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf


I had made sure the problem is not the firewall by executing the command:

/sbin/iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --dport  3306 -j ACCEPT


The result of netstat is:

:~# netstat -ntulp | grep mysql
tcp        0      0*     LISTEN 29616/mysqld


So the SQL server does seem to be up.


The privileges for froxlor are:


The MySQL grants for froxlor@%
GRANT USAGE ON *.* TO 'froxlor'@'%'
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON `froxlor`.* TO 'froxlor'@'...


I need to know how to get my FTP client connected.

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