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  1. This problem is solved. It wanted to install apache2 because php5 depends on it. I installed lighttpd and then php5-cgi. After this aptitude no longer insisted on installing apache2 or any of the others I did not want when I installed froxlor.
  2. I am attempting to install froxlor on a freshly created Debian 6 system. The response to the command "aptitude install froxlor" is: The following NEW packages will be installed: apache2-mpm-prefork{a} apache2-utils{a} apache2.2-bin{a} apache2.2-common{a} courier-authdaemon{a} courier-authlib{a} courier-authlib-mysql{a} courier-authlib-userdb{a} courier-base{a} courier-imap{a} courier-pop{a} expect{a} froxlor libapache2-mod-php5{a} libc-client2007e{a} libdbd-mysql-perl{a} libdbi-perl{a} libgd2-noxpm{a} libhtml-template-perl{a} libjpeg62{a} libnet-daemon-perl{a} libonig2{a} libphp-phpmailer{a} libplrpc-perl{a} libpng12-0{a} libpq5{a} libqdbm14{a libsasl2-modules{a} libsasl2-modules-sql{a} libsqlite0{a} libt1-5{a} libx11-6{a} libx11-data{a} libxau6{a} libxcb1{a} libxdmcp6{a} libxpm4{a} maildrop{a} mlock{a} mysql-client-5.5{a} mysql-server{a} mysql-server-5.5{a} mysql-server-core-5.5{a} php5{a} php5-cli{a} php5-common{a} php5-gd{a} php5-imap{a} php5-mysql{a} php5-suhosin{a} postfix{ab} postfix-mysql{a} proftpd-basic{a} proftpd-mod-mysql{a} tcl8.5{a} webalizer{a} wwwconfig-common{a} The trouble with this is I do not want to install apache because I use lighttpd which has, in fact, already been installed and in spite of this it wants to install apache. I do not want to install courier because I want to use dovecot, and I do not want to install proftpd because I want to use pureftpd. So now I am faced with either figuring out how to prevent these installations, or remove them later while maintaining the froxlor installation, by editing the aptitude installation files. Any package that has instructions for installation in froxlor's "Configuration" section should not be listed as a dependency in the Debian package. This is causing problems for me.
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