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  1. Amazing what one line can do!!!!... Thank you very much, I have been through alot of stuff to get this going. Thanks again. John
  2. Thanks for coming onboard bool(true) John
  3. CentOS7 server running, Have installed LAMP and all is working correctly, Installed php-mbstring after some research, yum --enablerepo=remi install php-mbstring this showed the process as complete, but when I run Froxlor from my browser it tells me php-mbstring is not installed..also shows PHP version >= 5.3 5.4.16 rpm -qa php* returns Php-pear -1 .9.4 -21 .el7 .noarch Php –mysql -5.4.45 – 4.el7.remi.x86_64 Php –cli-5.4.45 -4 .el7 .remi .x86_64 Ph-gdp –bcmath -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php -5.4 .45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-gd-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-common -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-pgsql -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-xml -5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-pdo-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-mbstring-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .86_64 Php-process-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks J
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