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    CentOS7 - php mbstring Froxlor

    Amazing what one line can do!!!!... Thank you very much, I have been through alot of stuff to get this going. Thanks again. John
  2. nksky

    CentOS7 - php mbstring Froxlor

    Thanks for coming onboard bool(true) John
  3. CentOS7 server running, Have installed LAMP and all is working correctly, Installed php-mbstring after some research, yum --enablerepo=remi install php-mbstring this showed the process as complete, but when I run Froxlor from my browser it tells me php-mbstring is not installed..also shows PHP version >= 5.3 5.4.16 rpm -qa php* returns Php-pear -1 .9.4 -21 .el7 .noarch Php –mysql -5.4.45 – 4.el7.remi.x86_64 Php –cli-5.4.45 -4 .el7 .remi .x86_64 Ph-gdp –bcmath -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php -5.4 .45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-gd-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-common -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-pgsql -5.4.45 -4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-xml -5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-pdo-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Php-mbstring-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .86_64 Php-process-5.4.45-4.el7 .remi .x86_64 Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks J