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  1. Thanks, d00p. But .htaccess won't work, since nginx is used.
  2. To clarify: I don't need domain aliases; the requests have to be redirected to https://my-domain.tld.
  3. Hello, I have a Froxlor installation up and running, which works fairly well: debian, latest froxlor, nginx, letsencrypt. But I'm still somehow struggling with how to correctly configure domain redirects. Given are two domains: mydomain.tld and my-domain.tld. The content is to be served only under the URL https://my-domain.tld, for which a LetsEncrypt certificate is already in place. Needed are the following redirects, all targeting https://mydomain.tld: http://my-domain.tld http://www.my-domain.tld https://www.my-domain.tld http://mydomain.tld http://www.mydomain.tld https://mydomain.tld https://www.mydomain.tld How would I have to configure this? Best regards, Willy
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