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  1. Thanks, d00p. But .htaccess won't work, since nginx is used.
  2. To clarify: I don't need domain aliases; the requests have to be redirected to https://my-domain.tld.
  3. Hello, I have a Froxlor installation up and running, which works fairly well: debian, latest froxlor, nginx, letsencrypt. But I'm still somehow struggling with how to correctly configure domain redirects. Given are two domains: mydomain.tld and my-domain.tld. The content is to be served only under the URL https://my-domain.tld, for which a LetsEncrypt certificate is already in place. Needed are the following redirects, all targeting https://mydomain.tld: http://my-domain.tld http://www.my-domain.tld https://www.my-domain.tld http://mydomain.tld http://www.mydomain.tld https://mydomain.tld https://www.mydomain.tld How would I have to configure this? Best regards, Willy
  4. There is no Froxlor database to transfer; as I've said, it's a SysCP managed host. The file system layout is much different, as is the database structure.
  5. Hello all, I'm about to migrate a rather large server from a SysCP installation on Debian 6 to froxlor on Ubuntu 15. Most of the database content could be dropped, except the core tables: customers, domains, mailboxes, etc. For that purpose, I've written an SQL script to transform the data I need to migrate. Works well so far. But one issue remains: is it possible to trigger the recreation of all the directories in /var/customer/(webs|mail|tmp)/? Copying all of it over from the old server would work, but ownership would need to be set manually, which is tedious at best, error prone at worst. Suggestions? Best regards, willydee
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