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  1. We can only help you if you can provice error or debug information. For anything else you have to contact your server administrator to debug or generate the debug output. If you need someone to login to your server and debug use some managed administration services or quick help services like https://froxlor.support
  2. depending on your operating system you might have a special ssl log file like /var/log/apache2/ssl_error_log
  3. Check your vHosts and error_logs There WILL be a hint to where it could be failing
  4. And YES - SPF is a problem when you are forwarding e-mails because YOUR mailserver tries so send mails with a domain as sender not hosted on your server. Example: You recieve an e-mail from example@gmail.com for froxlor@yourdomain.tld You configured an e-mail forwarding for froxlor@yourdomain.tld to example@outlook.com What happens is that if gmail.com has SPF records set then outlook.com may check this setting and YOUR server is NOT configured to be allowed to send or relay mails for "@gmail.com" If you are the forwarding party this has nothing to do with YOUR SPF records. But if someone tries to forward e-mails from your system to theirs to another provider - THEN your SPF records might cause problems.
  5. then you have to manualle chown all files to www-data - but better set up fcgi or fpm.
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