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  1. Felix can't understand how you come up with a name like that and wants to know if you were high. lol
  2. as an aside. while discussing what we should call the panel the question was raised where the name Froxlor came from. care to shed some light on this? I remember when you guys split off syscp back then but never thought to ask about the name.
  3. I will get everything set up here on our end and let you know if we need any assistance regarding internals/information. Chuck
  4. Hey all, I am currently looking to migrate away from multiple ISPConfig installs to froxlor. However, a central Frox install to control multiple servers is not yet possible. With the new API I have talked to a few of my Devs here in house and we are kicking around the idea of making a central controller panel to control multiple frox installs. My question is, would that be of interest to the Froxlor project in general? Thanks, Chuck
  5. Hey all, I just got around to writing a createOwnVhost function for apache and was wondering if anyone would be interested in it. This basically just solved a few issues I had with letsencrypt certs for the froxlor node itsself and automated updates as well as being able to quickly switch from mod_php to phpfpm or fcgid if needed. It currently only supports apache, will see if I can get a few minutes to port it to nginx and lighttpd. Am also sure that I have missed something but it works for me atm. just let me know if anything needs adjustment. froxhost_ownvhost.patch
  6. Hey, RFC 6781 "suggests" a minimum of 5 - 10 minute TTL for standard zone entries. Dynamic DNS was NOT conceptualized when that RFC was released. However, 1 second is a bit much. better would be 1 - 5 minutes. Irrespective of what the RFC states the TTL that is set in his script and the cronjob executing is in no way related other than the fact that the less frequent the cron run the longer the wait for the update. Nothing about the stock Froxlor DNS service is HA. It is an exercise left up to the implementing admin to actually install his/her slave servers and setup the transfers. If they have done this then all is good. if not then they have much larger problems that has nothing at all to do with this script. The IPv6 problem is a problem though. Chuck
  7. Hey all, I just recently started hosting a HA (High Availability or Highly Available) based Froxlor install based on CoroSync, LSyncd, Csync2, Froxlor, Debian, NFS, and a few more tidbits. If anyone is interested I would be more than happy to explain how. If not then for those wondering if it is at all possible: YES! chuck
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