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  1. Danke. Ich habe config.json ins Theme Ordener kopiert und dort eine der Varianten entfernt. Jetzt funktioniert.
  2. Kann man jetzt keine eigene Themes nutzen ? Meine eigene Theme funktioniert nach update pl?tzlich nicht mehr. Man kann nur "Sparkle" oder "Froxlor" w?hlen (Froxlor Theme habe ich nicht und nie gehabt) Mein Theme hei?t ganz anders und bis jetzt war kein Problem. ?nderung im Datenbank default_theme / frontend bringt nichts.
  3. I have 100% Froxlor 0.9.18 not 0.9 But I solved this problem. Changed value 0.9-r2 to 0.9.18 in mysql and now it?s OK. Upgraded to
  4. About a week ago I have instaled 0.9.18, not syscp , no other version. I did apt-get upgrade today morning and upgrade stops with this message. I did upgrade again (IP/froxlor) and now I have 0.9-r2. I don?t know how to solve this problem. Which value should I add or change in mysql table. Is it Froxlor 0.9 or 0.9.18 ?
  5. i?m updating from 0.9.18 (fresh install about a week ago) Update from 0.9-r0 to 0.9-r1 and 0.9-r1 to 0.9-r2 ends with OK, but it stops with this error message.
  6. Thank you But there is some errors in update script from 0.9.18. to Updating from 0.9-r2 to 0.9-r3 Updating tablesInvalid SQL: ALTER TABLE `mail_autoresponder` ADD `date_from` int(15) NOT NULL default '-1' AFTER `enabled` mysql error number: 1060 mysql error desc: Duplicate column name 'date_from' Time/date: 08/03/2011 10:00 AM Script: /froxlor/admin_updates.php
  7. I found some bugs: Some main functions doesn?t work : # Create (edit) e-mail-address / Create forwarder # Create e-mail-address (only Froxlor theme) # Add directory protection (only Froxlor theme) # Edit database / database description: (only Froxlor theme) # Server / Settings/ Default theme (if you use your own theme, theme name doesn?t appear)
  8. Thanks. It?s a great feature with themes swither. Now can I build and use my own themes.
  9. Thank you for new Froxlor version I have 0.9.7 , can I upgrade direct from 0.9.7 to 0.9.12 or first to 0.9.8 ...0.9.9...and so on.
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