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  1. Hi. I think charging some monthly amount it's the equivalent of Plesk/Cpanel licenses (personally, I want to make a switch from Plesk). Solutions: 1. Google Ad's, non-intrusive, could generate some money. 2. Advertise on www.buysellads.com. 3. Something I did see on SysCP Mantis: Issue sponsoring (some people would pay to see a bug/feature resolved/added sooner). 4. Site Donations, with optional links in main site 5. Offer services (maybe with external help/people): Install, Config, Setup, Customization (standard or customized themes) Note: adding an API sooner will lead Froxlor to commercially environment (HostBill added in v1.4.6 support for ISPConfig 3, even it's in beta stage and has an incomplete API: just create and delete account, without account suspending. WHMCS will not support any control panel without a proper API). My 2 cents. Regards, /Sorin
  2. Wating for Froxlor 1.0 ...

  3. Thanks for the info. Changed "Access Froxlor directly via the hostname" to No: There are currently no outstanding tasks for Froxlor. Apache config shouldn't be regenerated after this ? Regards, /Sorin
  4. Can you please be more specific ? I should see a new option for DocumentRoot in Server -> IPs and Ports ? (because I can't see one). Regards, /Sorin
  5. Hello. I am on version 0.9.9 right now. When I click "search via webservice" on overview page, I get this response: It looks like your Froxlor installation has been customized, no support sorry. Any idea why ? Regards, /Sorin
  6. Just updated from debs on Debian Lenny. I will test new APS 1.2. Great release, thanks to Froxlor team. PS: Can't wait for a 1.0 release
  7. testing Froxlor 0.9.5

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