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Postfix smtpd_client_restrictions



First of all, thanks for your great tool! I have been a SysCP user for several years now and just installed Froxlor on my brand new server.

I have especially always liked SysCP/Froxlor because it helped me learn the ropes in dealing with the whole web/mail server administration stuff, as the configuration file examples are all done pretty sensible.


The new Froxlor Postfix main.cf uses a section smtpd_client_restrictions. With that enabled, I can only seem to use my main server domain as SMTP host address. All other domains (especially my customer's) cannot connect. I had always told my customers, they can just use any of their domain names as host address, when setting up their IMAP clients. So for now I have commented the whole smtpd_client_restrictions section out, to allow that again.


But I am wondering if 1) I am doing something wrong and 2) why I should possibly care about the smtpd_client_restrictions part?


I have checked the Postfix documentation for this, but can't make sense of it.

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