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Comparision charts would be nice

Jonah Brown


I was over at omegaCP and they have a comparision chart. OmegaCp is good, but I don't want resellers.


I found this useful to know how their software line up with others.


The ones I use before are ispconfig3, virtualmin and DTC. How does Froxlor line up with these guys?


I did try out Froxlor seeing it is being developed quite actively. I didn't know how to adjust the upload size for the APS. I want to be able to create a server environment where clients can purchase hosting with a pre-configured WordPress installation. I really like automation.


Can this be done with froxlor?


How secure is Froxlor?


When will the documentation for Froxlor be expanded?


This will help me know if it is worth my time installing and moving clients over to froxlor.



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