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Hello everyone,


I am looking at Froxlor, trying to figure out if it is useful for us. We are looking for a web interface to manage DNS, either Bind or PowerDNS, and an email setup with Postfix and Dovecot with virtual users. We may also use it to generate config files for virtuel hosts for Apache. It seems, at least with Bind config files, that a cron script is generating the config files based on data in the database. That is important for us. Due to our security policy, the web server does not have write permissions outside the document root, and doesnt have permission to excute any script that writes to config files, restart services or reloads any service's config files.


The alternative to use Froxlor, or any other available control panel, is to write our own. I would like to know how to disable the services we don't want to use, and how much work it is to make Froxlor suit our requirments. We have a CentOS server running (a clone of RedHat Enterprise Linux), and we don't want to use an installation procedure that alters any configuration file or affect any running service. I figure we need to perform a manual install, and not use Froxlor's installer. I am aware of that I have to set up the database and to write any required config file for Froxlor.


More precisely I want to know if Froxlor may be a good choice for us, and how much work it is to modify Froxlor to suit our requirement.


Any hints are welcome.


Best wishes

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The ability to manage DNS is currently only limited, but will improve over one of the next versions, as I am currently rewriting this part of Froxlor. Therefore: Yes, possible in a few weeks. The procedure with a cronscript will stay.


Froxlor manages most services via MySQL directly: don't configure the service and Froxlor isn't "interested" in this service (exception: Bind and Apache/LigHTTPd).


As there currently is no real installer and everything is done by hand anyway, this part of the requirement can be met easily.


So long,


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Thanks you for your swift reply EleRas. I am happy that the procedure with a cronscript will stay, and with the progress of the DNS administration.


What should I do to get Froxlor up and running?


1) Excute the query froxlor.sql

2) Write a config file with database settings? Where should I put it, and is there an example file to look at?

3) Remove the install direcory?

4) Add scripts to cron

5) Anything more?

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