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Hello Froxies,


We've just released the first few screencasts about installation and configuration of Froxlor. Currently featured are the installation on Gentoo using the layman - overlay and configuring fcgid with suexec for the 0.9 - series.


As a preview we feature the installation of Froxlor 1.0 pre-pre-pre alpha and a short tutorial on how to to create a "Hello World" module. Please note: Froxlor 1.0 pre-pre-pre alpha is not in a useable state, it has no functionality, will eat your kids and destroy the world - do not try to install it (see: 1.0 F.A.Q. ) ;)


The screencasts are available as MP4 (h264) and OGV and are displayed with the HTML5 - video - tag (fallback to a flashplayer if the browser does not support it).


Now check out the screencasts and tell us what you think about it (what do you like to see in a screencast?) at http://www.froxlor.org/screencasts.html


Have fun,

your Froxlor Team

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