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IPB Upgrade to 3.2


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since this is not worth to post in announcements, i'll leave a note here: i did upgrade the Forum Software to IPB 3.2 (long overdue, upstream is working on 3.3 already <.<)

things that still need to be done (like, when i am more awake.):

  • redo that logo, it's from the old skin, and does not really fit in the new one
  • reevaluate forum settings
  • ignore any bugs that might get posted to that thread... or rather not :P

i realize that you might not like the new skin. we have been using the upstream default skin since forever and that one might take a while to get used to, but its not really something i can change since the 3.1 skin, even if its still available here, is broken and should not be used

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