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PHP5-FPM 403 Forbidden: Fix



Hi There,


I managed to fix this error which some have been experiencing by adding the froxlorlocal user to the www-data group. In the configuration, the froxlorlocal group is added to the www-data user, however the www-data group needs to be added to the froxlorlocal user to work properly.


Unless I've done something wrong, this should be alright? It's strange how I am one of so few experiencing this issue, on both of my servers running froxlor. I can recreate it by installing and fully configuring froxlor, and then configuring php5-fpm (in order to correct permissions issues with Wordpress). From this point on, all created domains produce a 403 error.




P.S. Is it possible to run froxlor without creating users home directories under their own usernames? So just using www-data for everything?


P.P.S. Thank you so much for all you do! It's a fantastic product :)

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It seems this needs to be run every time a new domain is created for the 403 Error to disappear


usermod -aG www-data froxlorlocal

service apache2 reload


Is there something that can be done to correct this?

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This appears to not just affect Apache but also Nginx. I was getting a 403 forbidden error on my new domain until I restarted Nginx. I also restarted nscd  but I don't know if this did anything. It certainly didn't on its own.

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