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  1. https://github.com/cooperaj/froxlor_contrib_commands It only does the one thing at the moment but it should be easily expandable to do more as and when I need to.
  2. Ok. That makes sense. I have not found any instructions for the installation of webalizer (under any distribution) in the Configuration section. Is it just a case of installing it and it works or is some config required? Sorry, I realise this is more a support issue now, it should be in the other forum.
  3. I've noticed that there is no setting in the UI to disable the webalizer functionality. In the database there appears to be a "webalizer_enabled" field set to 1 though. I've done a search of the codebase and this configuration setting isn't used anywhere. Is it possible to disable it at all? If not should it be?
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