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Problem with "Special settings for subdomains"


Hi Guys,


may I'm doing/understand something wrong.


I don't want subdomains having the same "specialsettings" as its main/parent-domains.


When I create a domain, I can add own vHost-Settings.

If I do that, I mostly want this settings only for the domain, not subdomains.


Then, there is a checkbox for that in admin_domains.php?page=domains&action=edit

in german it sais: ?bernehme Einstellungen f?r alle Subdomains (*.beispiel.de)

(Pass settings to all subdomains).


If I uncheck this box, newly added subdomains will get the settings though.


I see it is not possible to edit special settings for subdomains (at the panel).

But how to get rid of passing the 22_domain setting to the 20_subdomains ?


Thanks in a very advance ;-)

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