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Found 3 results

  1. Problems in making the user in the system

    Hi! I',m configure the system. I got into trouble when making the user and as the image above indicates that folder access is difficult and could not create the user in the system. please help me! tank you
  2. Hook system

    I declare to working with some extra futures. And i will plan started in short time. But i look Yet on froxlor. Maybe better start to make something based on hook system this will be better for many reasons Easiest implementation Faster development Plug-in system All existest futures make be ported to this system Benefits smallest files and core will be separated not every time all will be parsed if not enabled. All sorce should be more readable We can do something based on open source or make something simple to realise this element What's Your's opinion about this
  3. Hello, how do I use the System-Hostname-Domain like a normal customer? I want to as easily manage this domain as my customers do with their domains. Thanks for your help.