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  1. I declare to working with some extra futures. And i will plan started in short time. But i look Yet on froxlor. Maybe better start to make something based on hook system this will be better for many reasons Easiest implementation Faster development Plug-in system All existest futures make be ported to this system Benefits smallest files and core will be separated not every time all will be parsed if not enabled. All sorce should be more readable We can do something based on open source or make something simple to realise this element What's Your's opinion about this
  2. ok i look on this. But i must look to give this option in panel yet, not every one should use this.
  3. In vhost after ip and ssl should be spdy. This is future from nginx 1.4 listen {IP} ssl spdy; http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPDY
  4. Hi I don't do this but i have plan setup up domain with spdy can I set this in Froxlor of any method ?? BestRegards
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