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  1. I declare to working with some extra futures. And i will plan started in short time. But i look Yet on froxlor. Maybe better start to make something based on hook system this will be better for many reasons Easiest implementation Faster development Plug-in system All existest futures make be ported to this system Benefits smallest files and core will be separated not every time all will be parsed if not enabled. All sorce should be more readable We can do something based on open source or make something simple to realise this element What's Your's opinion about this
  2. i don't do that anymore... To many times i lost time to rapier system portage dependence. And I don't like mixin overlays this slow down portage. ebuild have only 600 lines not too much Step by step
  3. I try to do something with this maybe this time I will have approved commit I Use funtoo nginx in gentoo in version 1.9.6 is it but in funtoo not yet we worked with this now is bug FL-2524 If guys from Funtoo bump version or if i send ebuild - i get started working with this
  4. On github is new commit with Polish translation. Please give suggestions to this language pack if something wrong Na Githubie jest polskie t?umaczenie t?umaczone na szybko prosz? o sugestie to poprawie niedoci?gni?cia Pozdrawiam
  5. The ngx_http_v2_module module (1.9.5) provides support for HTTP/2 and supersedes the ngx_http_spdy_module module. All sugestions about implenent spdy was rejected or close on redmine
  6. What exacly not stared. What errors. In funtoo(gentoo) default path to php-fpm sub domain is difrent i must manualy create nginx folder to fpm or change path...
  7. I try find best Solutions which is not integrate in panel. and now i use tmpwreaper with cron which is set on 30 min and this i think best universal solutions
  8. Hi thanks now i donload new version from git and now all files was create. Mayby this is end of this problem. And i don't use SPF on VPS. I will by check this again. Thanks all
  9. I have this on my second machine too. Tell me what distro You use. I run this now manual but i try find somthing on this in weekend
  10. Yes is checked all time ... Lock file all time exist... I try find some more info but not see nothing Another task worked normal
  11. Hi Thanks Sephiroth the simplest way is the best OK now look with --force rebuild worked. But i see now problem. Cron stooped rebuild config files because lock files for tasks all time exist in /var/run. I rebuild and see all files was changed but lock file not disappeared. Mayby good to add function in cron task to check this froxlor_froxlor_master_cronjob-force.lock-19009 froxlor_froxlor_master_cronjob-tasks.lock-18569 ....
  12. change to standard location nothing change
  13. Yes this is formally customer web dir Script is installed in one customer directory is easier to backup etc. And this is main customer easiest to remember by another users. And i cannot define manual sub-domain I worked that more than 1 year Froxlor never have with this problems. And this is one example to configure php-fpm to subdomain
  14. Yes i do all. One time its worked one no and i don't find nothing in log. Vixie Cron fcron all worked that same. in cron log May 26 13:10:02 [fcron] Job test -x /usr/sbin/run-crons && /usr/sbin/run-crons completed May 26 13:10:02 [fcron] Job /usr/bin/nice -n 5 /usr/bin/php -q /.../scripts/froxlor_master_cronjob.php --tasks 1> /dev/null completed All time
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