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Found 10 results

  1. Dear Froxlor Commuity, finally - the first release candidate of our new API based version 0.10.0! A lot of work has gone into this, many internal changes (you might miss any frontend-changes, but be patient...) most importantly the API backend which not only is used by froxlor frontend itself but can also be uses from within your website/scripts/etc. Froxlor now uses composer to include some of its requirements like phpMailer, Logger, IdnaConvert and TwoFactorAuth libraries. Here are some of the new features besides API that found their way in: - 2FA / TwoFactor Authentic
  2. Dear Froxlor Community, we are proud to announce the first release candidate for our upcoming version 0.9.37 which includes a complete DNS editor for Domain and also supports PowerDNS in standalone mode as nameserver. You can now also customize the customer-docroot options when using apache webserver and mod_php and activate the warn-emails about traffic and web-usage separately Please test the DNS feature thoroughly and give feedback. Thanks in advance. Changes in 0.9.37-rc1: You can see all (minor) changes in our bugtracker at https://redmine.froxlor.org/versions/72 Download: 0.9.37
  3. Dear Froxlor Community, we are proud to announce the first release candidate for our upcoming version 0.9.35 which includes some new kick-ass features. Support for Let's Encrypt Many of you were waiting for this one for quite some time now. We finally managed to include ssl-certificate generation via Let's Encrypt directly within froxlor's interface. It's easy as a click on "use let's encrypt" when adding/editing a domain. The certificate will be created and renewed automatically. Please keep in mind that this feature is in BETA state. VHost-Templates Froxlor now provides an editor f
  4. Dear Froxlor Community, today we announce the second release candidate of our next major release 0.9.33. Our database-integrity-check now logs issues found and what has been fixed if necessary, this makes its actions more transparent and replicable to the admin. The account passwords for admins and customers are now also hashed with the algorithm you've set in the settings. The passwords are being updated automatically when the user logs in successfully - you do not have to do anything. The default hash has been changed from MD5 to SHA256 - updaters need to set the setting manually as we
  5. Dear Froxlor Community, today we announce the first release candidate of our next major release 0.9.33 which includes a bunch of improvements and some interesting new features. Starting with this version, froxlor allows to move customers from one admin to another (including all resources like domains etc.). Due to the wish of some community members, we included a domain-import. It can be found in the admin-domain overview, more information can be found at http://redmine.froxlor.org/projects/froxlor/wiki/DomainBulkActionDoc. Also we added possibilities to define password-complexity
  6. Dear Froxlor Community, today we announce the first release candidate of our next major release 0.9.32. As previously announced, the features APS, Autoresponder and Backup are no longer part of froxlor. A great number of minor bugs could be found, thanks to the error-reports we have received and the many users on IRC. Froxlor is now able to extract trafficdata for the most common mailservers from the logfiles. We also implemented a database-validation which runs various integrity checks to ensure the database and its data is as expected. The cronjob no longer handles the time-manageme
  7. Dear Froxlor Community, today we are releasing our second release candidate of the upcoming version 0.9.32. Thanks to your reporting, we were able to fix a few leftofter bugs from the first release candidate. We also managed to include the creation of bind-configs for the froxlor-hostname. Also, there is an option to automatically let the cronjob run the necessary database updates after the froxlor files have been updated. Please use this feature with caution as only default values for new settings/changed settings will be used that way. Changes in 0.9.32-rc2: + #1090: bind doesn't crea
  8. Dear Froxlor Community, today we are releasing the second release candidate for the upcoming version 0.9.31. Besides minor bugfixing we decided to add some long-awaited features such as: new template variables for the customer-welcome email and logical operators for the search-field when searching for numeric values. The reports and the feedback for this release candidate will decide whether a third release candidate is needed so please test and report any issues. Changes in 0.9.31-rc2: + #432: added new template-variables for the 'customer welcome email' template: SERVER_HOSTNAME, SERVE
  9. Dear Froxlor Community, we are proud to announce the release of our next major release candidate 0.9.31-rc1. With this release the old PHP-MySQL extension was replaced with PDO-MySQL. Due to this move all queries have been touched and converted to prepared statements, preventing SQL-injections in the future. This also means, that there may be SQL errors we didn't catch. In addition to that we have implemented an (optional) error-reporting which will email us any occuring SQL errors. You will see a preview of what exactly is being sent before anything leaves your system - no E.T.-phone-hom
  10. Dear Froxlor Community, the upcoming release of 0.9.30 is going to include some major changes. Dual-/Multistack (multiple IP's per domain, ipv4 as well as ipv6) clean and light new theme "Sparkle" rewritten installation-process SSL-certificates per domain (customer) Wildcard/WWW-Alias settable by admin and customer equally etc. Also the build-in logrotate feature has been removed in favor of logrotate configuration templates. You can see all changes in our bugtracker at http://redmine.froxlor.org/versions/42 Download: 0.9.30-rc1 Note: As this is a release candidate, ther
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