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Found 1 result

  1. Dear Froxlor Community, today we are releasing our next major stable release 0.9.33 which includes a bunch of improvements and some interesting new features. Starting with this version, froxlor allows to move customers from one admin to another (including all resources like domains etc.). Due to the wish of some community members, we included a domain-import. It can be found in the admin-domain overview, more information can be found at http://redmine.froxlor.org/projects/froxlor/wiki/DomainBulkActionDoc. Also we added possibilities to define password-complexity rather then specifying a regular-expression - this makes suggested passwords in the panel match the complexity. The account passwords for admins and customers are now also hashed with the algorithm you've set in the settings. The passwords are being updated automatically when the user logs in successfully - you do not have to do anything. The default hash has been changed from MD5 to SHA256 - updaters need to set the setting manually as we do not overwrite user-settings. Additionally, an admin can now specify a custom-newsfeed for his customers which is being displayed instead of the froxlor-newsfeed. Our database-integrity-check now checks for correct UTF-8 in our tables and logs issues found and what has been fixed if necessary, this makes its actions more transparent and replicable to the admin. It is now possible to add custom notes to admin / customer profiles. Optionally this custom note can be displayed on the users dashboard. For users that really want to use sockets instead of for the database-connection can now set the "host" value in lib/userdata.inc.php to a socket-file. We have included new configuration templates for Ubuntu 14.04 and RHEL / CentOS 7. Important: the directory permissions for (new) customers changed to be more secure (0755 -> 0750), if you use FCGID or php-fpm you have to update your libnss-mysql config for this to work, you can see changes in the config-templates at http://config.froxlor.org (chose your distribution and your current version and click "show differences"). Note: Many people seem to be having issues with php-fpm / libnss / user-group permissions - nscd can be a party-killer sometimes, try to clear its cache using nscd --invalidate=group Changes in 0.9.33: + #1289: use password-hash from froxlor-settings for admin/customer accounts + #1335: added possibility to use a socket-file for the database-connection + #1408: added custom newsfeed on customer-dashboard + #1410: added possibility to move customer between admins + #1414: added configuration templates for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS + #1452: added domain import (CSV file), infos at http://redmine.froxlor.org/projects/froxlor/wiki/DomainBulkActionDoc + #1471: added custom-notes field in admin and customer profiles ~ #1426: fixed utf-8 encoding problem (use db-integrity check) ~ #1427: fixed the way php was included in nginx-vhosts ~ #1430: fixed various nginx-vhost problems ~ #1437: fixed cron-problem in FreeBSD ~ #1440: fixed ip-validation in some special cases ~ #1446: fixed nginx auto-index problem ~ #1447: fixed libnss-configs for customer-docroot chmod 750 ~ #1455: fixed directory-protection with apache-2.4 ~ #1458: fixed incorrect security check on mail-directories where various special-characters are allowed ~ #1459: fixed deprecated postfix configuration templates in debian ~ #1465: fixed dovecot-transport configuration in ubuntu ~ #1466: fixed design-issues when no add-link is present in overviews ~ #1468: fixed installer when mysql strict-mode is used ~ #1483: fixed possible orphaned lock-file from cronjob Changes in ~ #1489: fixed mysql-connection problem when using a private-network IP ~ #1498: fixed nginx vhost merging in case of variables in vhost, e.g. ${variable} ~ #1500: fixed global PEAR path for php-fpmYou can see all changes in our bugtracker at http://redmine.froxlor.org/versions/64 and http://redmine.froxlor.org/versions/65 (also changes in 0.9.33-rc1, changes in 0.9.33-rc2) Download: Note: Gentoo-ebuild and Debian packages are now available. Visit http://www.froxlor.org or join our IRC channel #froxlor on irc.freenode.net. Thank you, d00p
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