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  1. Sorry, didn't use your setup guide. Thank you for all the help.
  2. So I got the issues resolved, apparently there is a section in the Panel that required you to go through configuration of the services. I didn't read this anywhere and I had no idea about it. I can now view my pages, however... Now since running the commands in the config section I can no longer connect to the panel to log in anymore. I made sure it is moved to /var/www/ and not /var/www/html/ I updated it accordingly In the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf, there I have it pointing to /var/www/ So why does: domain/froxlor/ no longer work? -A
  3. So I forwarded port 80, which I totally forgot about. Now when I search "thestafford.company" it shows the "Apache2 Debian Default Page". Why is my domain not being routed to the site I have created in froxlor? Doesn't it do this automatically?
  4. Not sure what I am looking at here. But here is the results of the command. Thank you so much for your help so far! -A
  5. Records Last updated 9/21/2018 1:42 AM A Name @ Value Edit A Name * Value Edit A Name mail Value Edit A Name ns01.domaincontrol.com Value Edit A Name ns02.domaincontrol.com Value Edit A Name www Value Edit CNAME Name ftp Value @ Edit CNAME Name panel Value @ Edit CNAME Name _domainconnect Value _domainconnect.gd.domaincontrol.com Edit NS Name @ Value ns01.domaincontrol.com NS Name @ Value ns02.domaincontrol.com SOA Name @ Value Primary nameserver: ns01.domaincontrol.com.
  6. Sorry I'm not near a computer to ping it properly. I'm out snd about on my phone. Here's the godaddy records.
  7. I've done that and it still won't work. I've waited nearly 24hrs. Also i created an FTP account but it refuses to allow connection...
  8. Ok cool, so what do i need to do record wise with godaddy? If i disable the name server stuff in froxlor, what else would need to be done?
  9. Good day, First time posting here, I just got Froxlor setup on a hyperV, Debian 9 VM. It is up and running, got my customers/ domains added. I can't seem to get the domain to cooperate though. I use Godaddy to buy and host my domains. What do I need to do on Godaddy and through Froxlor to get my website visible to the public? I currently tried setting an a record on godaddy with my servers ip. I changed the name servers in froxlor to those listed by godaddy for my domain. Am i on the right track or missing it entirely? Any help would be appreciated! Thanks, - Andrew
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