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  1. Hi, I had the same error in the discussion that I linked, but in that discussion I did not read the probable solution, could you tell me how to solve this problem? Thanks
  2. Hi d00p, thanks very much, I sovlved... In the next time I search in the forum before posting. Thanks
  3. Hi, after a hard work I arrived at the configuration of froxlor and also here we find the difficulties for the configuration. I have to admit, there are no tutorials that guide the user in every part of the configuration. So I hope in this forum to complete everything. Apart from the premise, I found the error indicated by the flooded image. How do you solve it? Thanks
  4. Hi, I solved. I changed /var/www/html/ in /var/www/ and it work. Thanks
  5. Hi d00p, I'm beginner and please can you say me the correct command to point it at /var/www/html/ ? Thanks
  6. Hi, I'm new here, and I have installed froxlor on vps with debian 9. Following tutorial, after installation I open froxlor in the chrome browser and show this error: link: Not Found The requested URL /froxlor/ was not found on this server. Apache/2.4.25 (Debian) Server at Port 80 Please, how solve it?
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