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  1. This is taking too long. I'm going to use hestia instead.
  2. I did install nginx prior to froxlor, added your apt repo for deb11, but I still get: The following NEW packages will be installed: apache2 apache2-bin apache2-data apache2-utils bind9 bind9-utils courier-authlib dns-root-data dovecot-core dovecot-imapd dovecot-mysql dovecot-pop3d expect froxlor galera-4 gawk goaccess libaio1 libapache2-mod-php7.4 libapr1 libaprutil1 libaprutil1-dbd-sqlite3 libaprutil1-ldap libc-client2007e libcgi-fast-perl libcgi-pm-perl libclone-perl libconfig-inifiles-perl libcourier-unicode4 libdbd-mariadb-perl libdbi-perl libencode-locale-perl libexttextcat-2.0-0 libexttextcat-data libfcgi-bin libfcgi-perl libfcgi0ldbl libhiredis0.14 libhtml-parser-perl libhtml-tagset-perl libhtml-template-perl libhttp-date-perl libhttp-message-perl libio-html-perl liblua5.3-0 liblwp-mediatypes-perl libmariadb3 libmemcached11 libmemcachedutil2 libonig5 libpq5 libsasl2-modules-sql libsnappy1v5 libsodium23 libtcl8.6 libterm-readkey-perl libtimedate-perl liburi-perl libxslt1.1 libzip4 maildrop mariadb-client mariadb-client-10.5 mariadb-client-core-10.5 mariadb-common mariadb-server mariadb-server-10.5 mariadb-server-core-10.5 mlock mysql-common php php-bcmath php-cli php-common php-curl php-gd php-gmp php-imap php-json php-mbstring php-mysql php-xml php-zip php7.4 php7.4-bcmath php7.4-cli php7.4-common php7.4-curl php7.4-gd php7.4-gmp php7.4-imap php7.4-json php7.4-mbstring php7.4-mysql php7.4-opcache php7.4-readline php7.4-xml php7.4-zip postfix postfix-mysql proftpd-core proftpd-doc proftpd-mod-mysql python3-ply socat ssl-cert tcl-expect tcl8.6 So no, it still tries to install apache. What is the way NOT to have apache included?
  3. I remember having froxlor installed a few years ago, and then I could install without apache, only using NGINX. Is that still possible, and if so, what is the procedure? Frankly, if you want light-weight, you definitely don't want apache. In fact, after 15 years of using nginx, using both here and there for work, I fail to see what the advantage is of using apache at all.
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