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  1. Thanks for all the answers and support. For some reason it got very much tangled and never got this solved. I installed Vesta Panel instead and got it working at once, also the website part, so far all good. I liked also the Froxlor idea, so I hope it will develop and flourish further.
  2. If I would install all from the scratch, what is the point that I would say for the system that the hostname is host.mydomain.com instead of only mydomain.com? Because this is really not going further like this. Maybe it is a tiny thing to adjust but since the advices are not working, maybe something is just crucially wrong.
  3. Thanks irisdina, the IP is already correct because I'm trying to correct like mydomain.com to be host.mydomain.com in the hostname (system settings). Above it is written the default IP with the port 80 but if I edit and try to change the mydomain.com => host.mydomain.com it indeed says this "unknown error (not in option): system_defaultip".
  4. Ok, I've put the IP, Port etc. Now if I try to change the hostname in System Settings it gives me this: Error Unknown Error (not in option): system_defaultip
  5. I have added this to the file /etc/my.cnf in mysql configuration, to get rid off strict mode. [mysqld] sql_mode="TRADITIONAL,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER" What should I put in to the Froxlor IP and Ports now (it's empty and needs something)? Yes, the IP I know since it should be the server IP, but which port and what about the other settings in it? Is there any sample screenshot of a working installation?
  6. Hello, I would like to have my hostname domain to have a website and I found in the forum that in order to do that I would need to get panel to the subdomain. 1) How do I change the hostname given in the format mydomain.com in the installation process to host.mydomain.com? I tried to change it straight in the Settings => System Settings but anything I try to edit there (or even without editing anything but trying to save) I get this: Error Unknown Error (not in option): system_ipaddress Back I have nothing in the menu IP's and Ports, but didn't want to start putting there anything by trial and error. 2) If I get the hostname changed, can I make the webspace for the own site using the menu "Domains"? I have already made a "customer" for it. I've used this guidance for installing Froxlor: https://gridscale.io/en/community/tutorials/install-froxlor-ubuntu/ I'm using Linode as a cloud server. Thank you for your advices.