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  1. I think that you cleared the situation, i changed the group with my own, thanks for help!
  2. I use PHP FPM with user/group X/Y and ftp is Y/K. FTP user can't access to folder created by PHP. In general ftp user is unaligned with php user so by ftp cannot do evrything i do with php and vice versa, this is a problem for me. Maybe i'm wrong? (can be)
  3. I have only one customer (me), i need the way to "tell" froxlor to use a different uid/guid when update ftp users table, is possible? (or i have to create a script?)
  4. Substantially yes. PHP FPM run with X user and Y group, php applications have to manage files and directoryes but also ftp user haveto to do the same. Is possible? Thanks
  5. bluescreen


    Hello, i have a debian 8.3 with apache+phpfpm installed with a custom user for php. When i create a new ftp user (pureftp) from the panel the uid is taken from the db and then i cannot write on web folders that have my custom user ad owner. If i write with a different user then the php then i cannot modify files from ftp and vice versa. Any ideas?
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