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  1. I would like to avoid table scan type query for gidsbymem in libnss-mysql.cfg, so I made a new option which allows access for customer dirs to webserver by ACL rules. Using ACLs webserver user doesn't need to be a member of all customer group, so gidsbymem query can be changed to: SELECT gid FROM ftp_groups WHERE groupname = '%1$s' ACL option commit: https://github.com/github-ivan/Froxlor/commit/e2dbdb09578fa18d3a0bf1560016b9b3ea6a9ee3 Config option change: https://github.com/github-ivan/Froxlor/commit/824a038bce573d3616df599a63f7929b961ea05f Fix integrity check with ACL option enabled: https://github.com/github-ivan/Froxlor/commit/ea2b76c5ffe6c50865f8a5f1200bfcad2d73ec58 This new option doesn't brake compatibility. I will send pull request if this option is welcomed. Best regards, ivan
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