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    Support for FreeBSD

    Let me know if I can provide any help. I have a 0.9.37 installation running with FreeBSD 10.3, Nginx, MySQL, PHP-FPM, the latter ones all from ports. I can't find the URL again, but I think I remember having read that the port would be broken. I used the installation from upstream. (Maybe we could contact the port maintainer?)
  2. w6g

    Support for FreeBSD

    OP here. So, it has been quite some ten months since my first post, but I am counting xentie, Geniusties and UlasSAYGIN. Let's stay in touch! Cheers w6g
  3. Schau mal hier: https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/pull/376
  4. Wenn's hilft: Bei mir gab file_get_contents() ständig 403 -- obwohl die URL (nachdem ich das Löschen der Datei aukommentiert hatte) im Browser wunderbar angezeigt wird. Lange Rede, kurzer Sinn: Ich hatte ja bereits ein WordPress eingerichtet mit aktivierten iThemes Security, und das blockt einen leeren "User Agent" in der Anfrage mit Status 403. Vorschlag: [/var/www/froxlor/lib/classes/ssl]# diff -bub class.lescript.php.orig class.lescript.php --- class.lescript.php.orig 2016-08-27 08:38:41.635551667 +0200 +++ class.lescript.php 2016-08-27 14:18:13.999215306 +0200 @@ -169,7 +169,9 @@ $this->log("Token for $domain saved at $tokenPath and should be available at $uri"); // simple self check - if ($payload !== trim(@file_get_contents($uri))) { + $contextoptions = array('http' => array('header' => "User-Agent: Froxlor")); + $context = stream_context_create($contextoptions); + if ($payload !== trim(@file_get_contents($uri, false, $contextcontext))) { $errmsg = json_encode(error_get_last()); if ($errmsg != "null") { $errmsg = "; PHP error: " . $errmsg;
  5. w6g

    Configuration Woes

    Well, no and yes. I did not mix up the SSL Certificates we are talking about now with Let's Encrypt. LE ist still off, and I did not expect anything from LE (yet). What I did learn is that there is not only Settings / SSL Settings / Path to the SSL Certificatebut also IP and Ports / x.x.x.x:443 / Path to the Certificateand the latter one had the faulty setting. Thanks you for your help -- where can I learn about which setting is for what? Is there anything I should read up? w6g
  6. w6g

    Configuration Woes

    Did that already. Did it again: https://nopaste.me/view/80c1c2c7 No debug information there. Note: The cert file "/usr/local/etc/ssl/somehost.example.org-cert.pem" mentioned in the error entry is the one I was talking about. In panel_settings I have the entry "/usr/local/etc/ssl/somehost.example.org/somehost.example.org.crt".
  7. Hi! Recently, I upgraded from to 0.9.37. Trying to get Let's Encrypt working, I am experiencing some basic strangenesses which I don't understand and which I need help with. Let's begin here: I am trying to enable debug logs in order to see what is happening. I set the debug level to "paranoid" (only options available are "paranoid" and "normal"), having all log destinations activated. Logs get written, but I don't get the "debug" entries, Only "information", "notice", "error". The parameter "logger.severity" in panel_settings is set to 2. In the log entries I have an error message from a cron job that the ssl_cert_file cannot be found. The setting I have entered into "Settings/SSL Settings/Path to the SSL certificate" is the correct one; but the error message logs a different file name. The database entry in panel_settings "system.ssl_cert_file" is the correct one, too. Nevertheless, the cron job tries to read a different file. How should I go on from here? w6g
  8. Hi, community! Once again I don't want to believe that I am the only one who wants to use froxlor + nginx + mailman. How have you guys and gals set up the mailman lists.* subdomain? I'm currently struggling with the rewrite rules that froxlor seems to set up automatically -- see thread "Erfahrungen mit nginx und mailman" (proposed solution from there is to set up the lists.* subdomain manually). Looking forward to hearing from you of your solutions, best regards w6g @d00p: Thanks so far. Nevertheless, I wanted to start kind of a survey.
  9. Ah, ok. Ich dachte, Du sprichst von einer froxlor-Funktionalit?t. Das war nicht klar geworden. Danke. w6g
  10. Hilf mir doch gerade mal auf die Spr?nge, bitte. Was meinst Du mit "Special Settings"? Und wie kann ich einen "eigenen vhost" erzeugen? Unter Server/Settings/Webserver Settings/Settings gibt es das Feld "Default vHost Settings"; und unter Domains/<Domain>/Edit gibt es das Feld "Own vHost settings"; die Inhalte beider Felder werden aber erst hinter dem automatisch erzeugten Block, welcher auch das "location @rewrites" enth?lt (Zeilen 13-45), eingef?gt; in Zeilen 84--91 beziehungsweise 48--83. http://pastebin.com/fmSrbQdZ Gru? w6g
  11. Wenn ich einen neuen Thread ge?ffnet h?tte, g?be es bestimmt jemanden, der diesen hier gefunden und "Gibt es schon!" gerufen h?tte ... :-) Aber im Ernst: Gibt es Ideen, wie das Problem zu l?sen ist?
  12. Hallo! Mich an die Anleitungen in der angegebenen URL haltend, sto?e ich -- soweit ich das sehe -- auf das Problem, da? die durch Froxlor automatisch (?) eingef?gte rewrite-Regel "@rewrites" zuschl?gt und die mailman-URL "kaputtmacht": location @rewrites { rewrite ^ /index.php last; } 2016/01/10 13:11:08 [notice] 83820#0: *46 "^" matches "/mailman/", client:, server: xxxxxxxx.de, request: "GET /mailman/ HTTP/1.1", host: "lists.xxxxxxxx.de" 2016/01/10 13:11:08 [notice] 83820#0: *46 rewritten data: "/index.php", args: "", client:, server: xxxxxxxx.de, request: "GET /mailman/ HTTP/1.1", host: "lists.xxxxxxxx.de" Erfahrungen? Empfehlungen? Beste Gr??e w6g
  13. w6g

    Support for FreeBSD

    Hi. Is there anyone else missing the FreeBSD support that has been removed from froxlor with version 0.9.34? Just recently I discovered that ever since I last looked, now there are hosters that offer virtual servers running on FreeBSD for little money. For reasons that might be off-topic, I was so happy to get one of those. And just with the first version update of froxlor, the support for FreeBSD is removed. Bummer! So for what it's worth, I'd like to see FreeBSD support re-appear, and I am willing to share some of my time to make it happen. Having said that, I have to admit that I'm still pretty new to both FreeBSD and Froxlor, and even if I were an expert I would not be able to do this alone. I can imagine the Froxlor team wouldn't want a one-man-show either. So, are there any Froxlor-on-FreeBSD users out there who, like me, would want to contribute in order to make Froxlor support FreeBSD again? Cheers w6g
  14. Hi, ich habe das auch gerade versucht. Sarkasmus beiseite, Roundcube l?uft bei mir (FreeBSD10/Nginx/PHP-FPM) unter http://<hostname>:8081/. Ich nenne das mal "Ohne Froxlor". F?r die vhosts ("Mit Froxlor") versuchte ich location /webmail { alias /usr/local/www/roundcube; index index.php; } im Feld "Standard vHost-Einstellungen", sto?e aber auf Fehler "404 Not Found" oder "502 Bad Gateway" (je nachdem, ob ich "index.php" in der URL selbst aufrufe oder nicht). Da ich glaube, da? sowohl der OP als auch ich weder die ersten noch die einzigen sind, die einen Webmail-Client f?r vhosts installieren wollen, finde ich die Frage, ob es dazu bereits Handreichungen gibt, nicht abwegig. Hat jemand eine Idee dazu? Gru? w6g
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