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  1. Thanks you for your answer! Of course I can create the files myself, but the problem is, that I have to distribute and control the passwords for that file. It would be great if the users actual password are stored in this file automatically and would be updated when the user changes his password. Then I could just use this file where I need it. Is this worth a feature request?
  2. Hello, Is it possible to generate a "global" .htpasswd with all froxlor customers to secure the directory where froxlor and other third-party apps like phpmyadmin, webftp or webmail are located. The idea is to get an additional security layer between outsiders and the system. Thanks in advance!
  3. I did not get it. -.- Thank you for all your hard work making froxlor as awesome as it is! <3
  4. Hello, I have to push up this topic again. I have the same problem now using a domain name as hostname in froxlor and administrating it as email domain using a froxlor customer. xxx: loading configuration from '/etc/bind/named.conf' xxx: /etc/bind/froxlor_bind.conf:62: zone 'xxx.xx': already exists previous definition: /etc/bind/froxlor_bind.conf:6 xxx: loading configuration: failure xxx: exiting (due to fatal error) Any suggestion how I can remove the duplicate zone definition using froxlor? Thanks in advance, froxloruser42
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