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  1. Let's Encrypt for the Hostname is still not added ? For which version is it on the roadmap now ?
  2. I love the new Theme, but i needed to use the old one because of the Mailman plugin which has no new template on the moment. Only the old theme is broken, in main.css all images are linked as /images/Classic.... but it needs to be ../../images/Classic.... And the templates for the plugins need to be moved from /var/www/froxlor/templates to /var/www/froxlor/templates/Classic For the rest keep up doing the good work guys.
  3. Done, i have attached it to my original post, the first in this thead.
  4. I have updated the SA-Settings Plugin from Syscp to work with Froxlor. Download can be found here [EDIT]Now also here as attachment[/EDIT] I have included a text-file with installation-instructions (for Debian Lenny). If you find a bug or have a translation (included are English and Dutch for now) please report it here, as i will look to fix / add it. froxlor_sasettings-1.0.tar.gz
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