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  1. Quoting some rather famous robot: Yeah ... well, we're building our own theme park webservers ... with blackjack and hookers ! (I'll skip the "In fact, forget the park" bit ... lol). Thanks for you offer, much appreciated. Since we still seem to be neighbours, I'll refrain from small talk questions about the weather, and instead start taking your offer right here and now 😀 Is there a specific reason you're setting /var/lib/extrausers/shadow to group readable, instead of 0600 ? Since at least on FreeBSD, I see no reason to grant access to anyone else than uid 0.
  2. Hi there. Been a long time. I'm currently updating the froxlor port on FreeBSD to the most recent version (I am the maintainer). Since froxlor now offers the use of libnss-extrausers instead of libnss-mysql for ITK and other features, but libnss-extrausers is not available on FreeBSD, I've implemented a FreeBSD version named libnss-moreusers from scratch. I'm looking for people willing to give this a spin, so I can submit this as a port, on which the FreeBSD froxlor port then can lean on. Installation is straight forward -- install with make install, create 3 files and a directory, change two entries in a FreeBSD configuration file, done. If you're not that adventurous, but would like to see the froxlor port improved, drop your suggestions here (unless a mod steps in, oc :).
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