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  1. tuaris

    DNS Modifications

    I was thinking about adding an additional field to the IP's and Ports section in either the edit or add actions named "Public IP" that would only appear if split DNS is enabled.
  2. tuaris

    DNS Modifications

    I've recently setup a copy of Froxlor on a FreeBSD 9.0 system. All is good so far (only a few issues during install, but bugs have been filed). Currently, my DNS needs are a little strange. My servers all use private IP's behind a firewall and in order for me to properly integrate Froxlor into my hosting system I would need to make some modifications to the way DNS is administered. First off, I would like to add in an option to setup what I call "split DNS". Where there would be two DNS views. One internal view private and an external public view. I was thinking about doing this with the built in support in BIND to use "views". Secondly, I want to add the ability to "publish" DNS zones to an external server. For example... I have several Froxlor hosting servers each with their own DNS zones. I also have dedicated public DNS servers that will do the actual work. Froxlor would connect to these DNS servers and setup slave zones on them. Some of the thoughts I have are: A admin setting where you can go in and enable what I would call "Create slave zones on additional name servers." Then a list of server names or IP's with access method and credentials would be provided. The simplest thing I can think of is to use SSH. I'm sure PowerDNS has a way to do this, but I'm not too familiar with PowerDNS at the moment. Then an admin setting to "Enable Split DNS". I'm not to sure how I would present this. I guess once split DNS is enabled I would assume that the additional "view" would always be a public one. I would assume that this is what most people enabling/needing this option would expect. Once the "Split DNS" option is enabled, the current default view should become the private view, and a new public view would need to be generated based on additional setting named "public facing IP" in the same section. I'm very experienced in all the above mentioned technologies (except for PowerDNS) and very experienced in PHP programming. I should have no issue implementing the above and submitting patches. I wanted to gather some feedback to see if the thoughts are in line with Froxlor's style. I also would appreciate some hints on what files and database tables I would need to modify to achieve the above.
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