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  1. Froxlor might be a server management panel and should be solely used to managed all provided hosting functions, but there is nowhere stated that the initial web server and PHP configuration to get Froxlor up and running has to be the PHP Apache module. And there even is no dependency on that module for the debian package. And as Froxlor is most likely used to manage shared hosting even considering the Apache module is risky. The initial system configuration should be a basic Apache2/Nginx setup with a single vhost for Froxlor using PHP-FPM. And as the admin has to set up the web server, vhost, FPM pool and file permissions properly before Froxlor takes over, this configuration should never be touched. I deploy all of my Linux based systems with system management tools like Ansible, Chef or Puppet and like to use Froxlor ( a customized syscp until now) to allow customers to manage their domains and email addresses with Froxlor. If Froxlor keeps resetting the configuration that is managed by the system management tools it is constantly breaking itself. Now I have Froxlor set up to use PHP-FPM for itself and the file permissions are reset to the correct FPM user and group but Froxlor does not generate a FPM pool or a vhost configuration for itself. And this time I used the Debian package to install Froxlor and used the preconfigured paths for the PHP pools and Apache configuration. The only difference to a regular Dabien Buster installation is using PHP 7.4 FPM from https://deb.sury.org/.
  2. Well, I have to configure the file permissions, web server and PHP-FPM in advance to even be able to access Froxlor. Why should Froxlor do that itself? If setting up everything during installation with a script or so, I would agree with you but if I decide to do a manual installation from the tarball, Froxlor should not alter this configuration. libnss-extrausers works as expected, virtual user names and group are properly resolved.
  3. Hi, I've set up a Debain 10 system with Nginx and PHP 7.4 FPM. I have configured a separate FPM pool for Froxlor using svc-froxlor as username and group for the pool. I added www-data to the svc-froxlor group. Froxlor is installed from the latest release tarball to /var/www/froxlor and all file permissions to same user and group as used or the FPM pool and removed read access from other: chown -R svc-froxlor.svc-froxlr /var/www/froxlor chmod -R u=rwX,g=rX,o= /var/www/froxlor As I want to manage the virtual host and the FPM pool outside of Froxlor and have Froxlor only handle anything configured within Froxlor, I did not activate the corresponding settings in the Froxlor configuration. In the web server settings the username and group are set to www-data. Whenever the cron job is executed, the file owner and group for /var/www/froxlor and all sub directories are reset to www-data and Froxlor stops working. When I fix the owner and group for /var/www/froxlor, Froxlor is working again. Is it the intended behavior that the file permissions are reset by Froxlor? I'd argue that Froxlor should not handle its own installation. With kind regards Kay Zumbusch
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