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  1. I check now, but in new version is not work. I one place have old version - all is ok.

    I think the problem is in lib\Froxlor\Api\Commands\Emails.php, can't find $delete_userfiles. I add lines with code, but variable is not working.

    in EmailAccounts.php have but not work variable $delete_userfiles too.


  2. Hello,

    now install last version, copy floxlor db from old server, but libnss-extrausers, no create users in


    all files stay empty. A try to create new user, folders in webs, mails is ok, but not fill users in extrausers files and not possible run php.




  3. Hello,


    in old version of Froxlor - have autorespond and  very nice work for vacation messages.

    But in newest version is removed ? Why ?

    I use Postfix/Courier.

    Advice for alternatives ?

    Thanks in advance.


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