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  1. Hmmm, i work with Installed version: 0.10.0-rc2 (DB: 201904250)
  2. Hi again, i check now, see next screenshots: May be you test only delete account, not whole email address with checkbox - delete files... When delete whole address with confirm checkbox delete files from file system - is not work. The variable $delete_userfiles is 0
  3. I check now, but in new version is not work. I one place have old version - all is ok. I think the problem is in lib\Froxlor\Api\Commands\Emails.php, can't find $delete_userfiles. I add lines with code, but variable is not working. in EmailAccounts.php have but not work variable $delete_userfiles too.
  4. Now i test on other installation on new VPS, when all is clean. But same problem. Debian 9 and last version of froxlor, dovecot mail server. The video is make on server where migrate old mailboxs and upgrade froxlor few times. Later is install ftp and debug when make this mistake and write you.
  5. Hi, i sent now private message with video, because not good idea make public with security data.
  6. Yes, updated now, and test again, but same result.
  7. Installed version: 0.10.0-rc1 (DB: 201904100) drwxr-x--- 3 vmail vmail 4096 Apr 16 21:40 /var/customers/mail/customerx other cronjobs from froxlor like calculate mailbox size, ssl certs etc running fine.
  8. Yes. The cronjob is run. "There are currently no outstanding tasks for Froxlor" Can't find information in logs.
  9. Hello, any idea how to debug, why not delete email data from filesystem, when delete any email address. I confirm checkbox for - Completely remove email data from filesystem? , but not delete mailbox in folder.
  10. oh, sorry for my mistake. now is ok, i check other settings. Thank you for your fast answer. Please delete this topic.!
  11. Yes. cron is run, create all things normaly - folders, apache files, but extrausers empty
  12. Hello, now install last version, copy floxlor db from old server, but libnss-extrausers, no create users in /var/lib/extrausers/passwd, /var/lib/extrausers/group /var/lib/extrausers/shadow all files stay empty. A try to create new user, folders in webs, mails is ok, but not fill users in extrausers files and not possible run php.
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