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  1. oh, sorry for my mistake. now is ok, i check other settings. Thank you for your fast answer. Please delete this topic.!
  2. Yes. cron is run, create all things normaly - folders, apache files, but extrausers empty
  3. Hello, now install last version, copy floxlor db from old server, but libnss-extrausers, no create users in /var/lib/extrausers/passwd, /var/lib/extrausers/group /var/lib/extrausers/shadow all files stay empty. A try to create new user, folders in webs, mails is ok, but not fill users in extrausers files and not possible run php.
  4. Brayan


    All is fine. migration is easy and work fine. thank you!
  5. Brayan


    Now is on Courier and not good idea to migrate to Dovecot. Courier not working with sieve
  6. Brayan


    Hello, in old version of Froxlor - have autorespond and very nice work for vacation messages. But in newest version is removed ? Why ? I use Postfix/Courier. Advice for alternatives ? Thanks in advance.
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