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  1. Maybe a little late, but as I brought up my multistack patchset in live production today I?d like to present my little 2-Server-Setup: Config-Files: I generate configs only on server 1 (my master) and sync the apache-configs to server 2 using csync2. I used to use sed to simply replace the IP of server 1 with the ip of server 2 in the config files. Problem: Roundrobin or different host only possible, when manualy editing the zone-file. Now with multistack I can add as many IPs as I want to each Domain and so select, where the DNS-Server will direct the traffic. So Domain-A has IP1, Domain-B listens on IP2, Domain-C has both IPs (Round Robin). Apache seems not to care, that some of the specified IPs are not available on the system. User-Files: As I have my VServers in different locations and can?t install a cluster-filesystem I also just sync the files with csync2. Database: I have set up MySQL to do replication, so both hosts always have the same data available. Accounting: I use mod-logsql to store the access-logs in the database. The cron on server 1 then fetches the database-entries, creates AWStats and does the traffic accounting (everything already included in Froxlor!). FTP is only on server 1, so easy accounting there. And as the files are the same on every host, diskspace-accounting is also easily done. In a bigger environment you?d probably use centralized storage (NAS), which also should be no problem. Mail-Server: I?ve set up mailservers on both using Dovecot with replicator. But you could easily put those external and just enter the names of mailservers in the bind-config. The Mailserver just has to have access to the froxlor-database. This works very nicely, at least on my small system, without the need of big modifications in Froxlor (multistack is not requiered, but gives you some nice features like round-robin and ipv4/6 dualstack).
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